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Kill or consistently not kill birds?

ID = "Entry 60289" > kill or kill not continuous birds? Brian merchant, Brooklyn, New York on 06.11.10 business & politics

Photo by national geographic

Earlier this week, I reported that certain oil will say spill expert raw cover birds killed instead cleaned because so few actually survive.Obviously and unsurprisingly, something of a furor among other animal lovers has anyone who claims I not right, which represent the views of these scientists, cleaning oil coated supports birds articles ausgelöst.Was which is the ruling? if we clean, we can each oil-covered birds or make to prevent your suffering from their misery?

The case for killing birds
If only it were so simple. In most areas of the study is a large body of data and different opinions, that conflicts and contrast with each other. A study shows that, birds even survive to the only 1% of oil-covered cleaned.The Centre international bird rescue says on the other hand you have much higher success rates and has been improving the cleanup method to reduce stress to the animals that survive more birds than ever before.

The biologist in my previous story quoted feels itself, because the birds raised toxic oil, you are probably eh-- die and stress the cleaning process makes unnecessary suffering. Ornithologists to which agrees with University of California, Davis, like this piece Newsweek, Yes, quoted, why may humaneres to euthanize animals you instead place it through the cleaning process: because captures the tension and and than the trauma is doused in oil as significant and because research has shown that many birds die saved shortly after released some experts euthanasia say is a menschlichere."" It could make us feel better to clean up and send you, back up, says Daniel Anderson."But it is a real question how much it actually does for the birds, extend apart from their suffering. Fund has made a statement which endorse these views essentially World Wildlife.

But of course many other ornithologists and conservationists feel that rehabilitated cleaning oiled birds do very much and birds can be successful. See this interview with Executive Director of the international bird rescue for his argument in favour of the cleaning Vögel.Dies is the conventional wisdom and there are countless supporters of practice.


Euthanasia controversy
Oil-covered birds kill is a popular course of action never. Was in fact a writer of blog Vegansaurus so incensed when my earlier article he effectively wrote this inspiriert.Er in his reply post on this site: here is a simple quiz: when you came home, your House on fire, to find that would (a) call the Fire Department and, while waiting, try running and save your family? or would you take (b), you will die from smoke inhalation anyway, so why not pour some gasoline on the fire and finish the job?

Are probably no Sociopath which means that answered why drives you (a) .Also hell of Treehugger which are idea that the oil soaked birds in vain, rescue so we better kill? this is a perfect example of the emotional reaction, discussions on euthanasia is apt in animal lovers-trigger and it is perfectly understandable.Most people were not ready to compare, the oiled birds to members of their families, but it illustrates the plight feels this author. But let me a question to ask him: if his "family members" (oiled birds for the rest of us) were to die excruciatingly painful go in the next few days, even months it would be better then, place from their misery? Some would say Yes.

And it should be noted that if the Vegansaur it or birds that are found with a high of hydrocarbons in her blood, are not (they are tested in place) immediately euthanized.

Then he goes on to say that I really no opposing view-that he is considering that a colleague blogger surprises me search because it is probably aware that blog entries are not always thorough investigative pieces of long-form journalism.I was reporting on a specific view that appeared had, that to kill may it more humane oiled birds as clean.I was assume that each of the opposing view was aware: the conventional wisdom that cleaning is a good and worthy practice birds.

Kill or not to kill?
"Accused the author finally, me about ignore the IBRRC bird survival statistics Preise.Aber he verwechselt survival rates with release-an error machen.Die IBRRC says that between 50 and 80% released sind.Aber not, mean birds that the birds with the surviving sind.Aus of Newseek, piece again: so far, while release rates can be improved, there is little better central or long-term survival for the more difficult to save types.""" You say you better results but I have seen no data"," says Anderson.And while the animal husbandry methods are better, there are not well biomedical protocols for the repair of the internal organ damage."This is not to say prices, survive only improvement not that lack of reliable data is show sind.Und it is indisputable that at least some birds are stored - probably those achieved before you have a chance to clean up the oil its springs off and geschluckt.Aber have to much oil ugly facts is also difficult for many, their emotional drive, wildlife from get to separate and there is some evidence, once these birds enough oil recording, you is leiden.In this case it would be better to not keep you from suffering?"

Sorry if this discussion makes some people uncomfortable, but it is a discussion value ist.Und I would repeat that I or TreeHugger Euthanasie-bird-far from not sind.Wir support open discussion about how support simply.

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Monday, 14 June 2010

NASA Photo Official Gulf spill doubled estimated

Image from NASA

The latest estimate of the Federal Government for the duration of the oil gushing daily in the Gulf has nur-- until 12,000 19 000 doubles barrels to 25,000 30,000 worden.Diese new numbers which many scientists feel yet low ball the true amount, mean that the size of the entire Exxon Valdez tragedy every 8-10 days since the leak has occurred first begann.Und Yes, a spill and we almost two months in this are spill, this means which is currently approximately 7 times the size of the Valdez-- or more BP Golf spill.

The New York Times reports: does the higher estimates are not only reviews of how much the spill has done damage to the environment, but also how much BP could ultimately pay the durcheinander-- clean up and probably suspicion among the sceptics about is how honest and oil companies increase coming into the disaster has been.

The new estimate is based on information collected before BP cut called a pipe that a card on the ocean floor last week to a new device, an operation to install, which said some scientists strongly increases the rate of flow can... the new estimate seems a much better match than the earlier for the reality that Americans can see every day on your television.Although the new recording device is funneling with 15,000 barrel of oil a day for a ship on the surface, a robust flow of oil still gushing from a mile below the WavesBut note the well, some scientists believe that as 50,000 barrels and daily spit leakage from the site could be so much.

In both cases, it seems quite clear that BP numbers beginning - has been low balling you first, 1,000 barrels was the magnitude of the leakage reported if you be erinnern.Nun is said are 15 time collect.

Finally the oil at a faster rate as analysed dating can have increased achieving how the flow is considered the current estimate, after installing the riser BP werden.So cut spilling a collection pipe, although BP collects 15,000 barrels a day is still escape unknown as much oil in the Gulf.

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Friday, 11 June 2010

Oil-flexible birds can as golf heats up (video) be cooked alive

oil coated birds could be boiled alive as golf heats up (video) by Brian merchant, Brooklyn, New York on 06.10.10 travel & nature

birds cooked alive gulf spill photo
Photo by MoneyBlog

Things to keep worse and worse for the bird populations around the Gulf Coast abrufen.zuerst experts reveal, that once a bird in oil is coated, almost certainly for sterben-- citing is taken, reference to survive less than 1% and even if you are thoroughly cleaned sind.Nun scientists are concerned that oil-covered birds literally alive by the heat absorbing oil be cooked.

This video MSNBC explains what happened:

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Here is the transcript of the relevant bit (about climate progress: as you know, a bird has a natural refusing in its spring water is fernhält.Das a small Bereich--a little Kissen--, which it cool hält.Gut, here this oil gets these springs and you lose that little Isolierung.Und, if you this oil at 100 degrees, the bird experts it starts having to cook birds.So literally say before the birds have even a chance, organ failure of take raw toxicity or exhaustion of an inability to fly, die, some can be literally boiled to death as prisoner think sind.Und in the oil you remember that the bird rescue has been consistently frustrated operations of BP has prevented you the type threatened Gebieten--meaning can birds to death kitchen never get a shot is saved.)

Can the situation get tragic more for the birds of the Gulf Coast?

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Jon Stewart Outlook on BP Golf spill: "we are to F * $ KED" (video)

ID = "Entry 60286" > Jon Stewart Outlook on BP Golf spill: "we are to F * $ KED" (video) by Brian merchant, Brooklyn, New York on 06.11.10 culture & celebrity


Well, a lot happened this week in the current, excruciating to watch saga BP Golf spill-we saw oil on km coast lap time, to continue to put hundreds of birds at risk, estimates the spill size double, the BP stock plummet (some cause the word float ' bankruptcy '), we saw BP buy keywords such as oil ' spill' to teach online, public... about BP inventory value and we have seen, many more anger, chaos and confusion.And we saw oil from leaking holes in the Gulf region Gush weiterhin.Hier what Jon Stewart had to say after all:

The daily show with Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11 p / 10cwww.thedailyshow.comDaily show full EpisodesPolitical humor tearing party

At this point I Hasse say I can help voice with him the same.But it is certainly not I or Jon Stewart, actually, well, wissen.Es is the Gulf Coast, the animals that is out there and whose livelihoods, depends on the Fu $ & Ed ist.Diese whole Tortur-- with the large scope of the disaster, the BP lack of transparency and Callousness, of the Covenant helplessness and massive excess Verwirrung-- leaves us feeling in the General Fu all but * Ed.Und the right to.

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PM tells BP Oil "frustration"-BBC News

Oil from the leyak has travelled at least 60km David Cameron has told BP's chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg he is frustrated and "concerned" about the environmental damage caused by the US oil leyak. the UK PM said it was ' interest ' in my firm remained stable. as much as 40,000 barrels (1.7m gallons) of oil a day may have been gushing from a blown-out well before it was capped on 3 June. The US official overseeing the clean-up said the amount of oil being collected report could be almost doubled by next month. Oil has been leaking into the Gulf of Mexico since the Horizon a detailed presentation of deepwater, Missouri on April 20, exploded and sank off the coast of the U.S. State of Louisiana, killing 11 workers. Continuous reading the main story of The prime minister had a constructive call with BP chairman Carl-Henric SvanbergDowning Street spokesman A Downing Street spokesman said that in a phone conversation, Mr. Svanberg told Mr. Cameron that BP would "continue to do all that it can to stop the oil spill, clean up the damage and measuring all legitimate claims for compensation". Earlier, Chancellor George Osborne and senior officials with Mr. Svanberg at Downing Street to discuss the crisis. Mr. Cameron is due to raise the issues in a call with us President Barack Obama at the weekend. The spokesman said: "the prime minister had a constructive call with BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg."

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